Xenial – Smart Home Automation Solutions

Stay connected to your home remotely

The Gateway

It is desgined keeping in security and realiabilty as its forefront.

  • The device connects to Xenial smart devices, such as the RIO, via its inbuilt Wi-Fi.


  • Internet to the gateway can be provided either usign a wired ethernet cable or using Wi-Fi.


  • State of the art encryption protocols to ensure class 1 security




Simple and efficent design to fit behind your switch board


  • It is able to connect to 4 devices and deliver upto 400W of power per device.
  • The switches do not need replacement and continue to work as before. Only now they can also be controlled remotely.


  • It has one dedeicated output for fan controls.


  • The installation is very simple and any electrican can retrofit it into your switchboard.


  • Easy reconfiguration at the push of a button.




How Does It All Come Together?



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A Brief Overview of Xenial

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